Dog and Duck Show


"A class act from world Class performers. New Zealand sheep dogs at their best, expertly controlled by New Zealand representative Ken White.

An amazing performance with dogs against ducks, a must for all city children and an interaction for country kids who work with dogs.

The understanding between the dog and master, through commands of whistle and voice, clearly shows the high level of intelligence of these great New Zealand workers, the sheep dog.

We thoroughly recommend this performance for all ages. You won't be disappointed."

Alan Dobson
Waimea Intermediate
Richmond, Nelson

"Ken White's display epitomises the huge contribution made by the New Zealand farm life

His dog team demonstrates the loyalty and communicatin between man and working dog that enable them to work shifting thousands of sheep in one mob or isolating one sheep from a flock. Their understanding and skill enable then to work in such extremes.

Ken's programme embodies an understanding of the responsibilities of owning a dog; it's care, welfare, nutrition, and exercise needs. He demonstrates the versatility of dogs and the depth of the companion animal bond.

An educational and entertaining insight into New Zealand farm life."

Susan Layburn